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Things That Have Interested Me

Written for publication in The Guardian, Things That Have Interested Me is a series of articles on miscellaneous subjects. The James Fenton Website intends to archive these articles in their entirety.

To read the most recent article in this series, please visit The Guardian Website: 'Taste Acquired', 17 May 2008 [Fenton on the style of Thomas Hope].

Things That Have Interested Me Archive

All articles were first published in The Guardian

'Flower Power', The Guardian, 9 September 2006 [On what makes a garden great].

'More Than a Feeling', The Guardian, 16 September 2006 [On the part emotions play in music].

'Da Vinci Notes', The Guardian, 23 September 2006 [On the legend of Leonardo].

'Ones They Made Earlier', The Guardian, 30 September 2006: 15 [On Russian folk artifacts].

'Written on the Body', The Guardian, 7 October 2006 [On the criminal intent of tattoos].

'There Is Thy Sting', The Guardian, 14 October 2006 [On John Dowland's Lute Songs].

'Death Stares', The Guardian, 21 October 2006 [On the art of washing corpses].

'Fan's List', The Guardian, 28 October 2006 [On the V&A and lists].

'Museum Collection', The Guardian, 4 November 2006 [On the Ashmolean appeal].

'Five Easy Pieces', The Guardian, 11 November 2006 [On piano examinations].

'What good is sitting alone in your room?', The Guardian, 18 November 2006 [On the face of pre-Nazi Germany].

'Kitchen Capers', The Guardian, 25 November 2006 [Fenton messes around with polenta].

'A Lasting Legacy', The Guardian, 2 December 2006 [Fenton remembers Susan Sontag].

'Missing the Royal Seal of Approval', The Guardian, 9 December 2006 [On why there is no 'Royal' in National Gallery].

'Bravo Maestro', The Guardian, 16 December 2006: 15 [On tea at the Ritz with Robert Craft].

'Down to the Choir', The Guardian, 23 December 2006: 12 [Fenton sings Messiah's praises].

'Voices from the Past', The Guardian, 30 December 2006 [Fenton listens to poems on disc].

'Less Deceived', The Guardian, 6 January 2007: 15 [On the relationship between writing and personal experience].

'Featherlight Opera', The Guardian, 13 January 2007: 15 [On how the size of opera houses can have varying effects].

'How does your garden grow?', The Guardian, 20 January 2007: 15 [Fenton discusses the blooming winter garden].

'Eastern Premise', The Guardian, 27 January 2007: 15 [Fenton discusses Mughal paintings].

'Courting Success', The Guardian, 3 February 2007: 15 [Fenton on sense and sensibility at the RSC].

'Received Wisdom', The Guardian, 10 February 2007: 15 [Fenton reflects on memories lost and found].

'Tell It Like It Is', The Guardian, 17 February 2007: 15 [On the difficult art of aphorism].

'Exotic Fiction', The Guardian, 24 February 2007: 15 [On the evolution of Puccini's Madama Butterfly].

'Catalogue of Concerns', The Guardian, 3 March 2007: 15 [On the value of books].

'The Author's Progress', The Guardian, 10 March 2007: 15 [On the beauty of Hogarth and Tristram Shandy].

'The Voyage of Their Life', The Guardian, 17 March 2007: 15 [Fenton discovers human history in the logbooks of empire].

'Was Shakespeare a Crypto-Catholic?', The Guardian, 24 March 2007: 15 [Fenton on people's willingness to believe any old rubbish about Shakespeare].

'Song Lines', The Guardian, 31 March 2007: 15 [Fenton on setting poems to music].

'The Fruit of Inertia', The Guardian, 7 April 2007: 15 [Fenton on the beauty of England's suburbs in spring].

'Unsafe City', The Guardian, 14 April 2007: 15 [Fenton on Harlem homes].

'Songs of the Sea', The Guardian, 21 April 2007: 15 [Fenton on sea shanties].

'Paint Me a Picture', The Guardian, 28 April 2007 [On the skill of detailed description].

'Colour Blind', The Guardian, 5 May 2007 [Fenton wonders what William Blake really thought about slavery].

'You Shouldn't Have', The Guardian, 12 May 2007 [On the art of giving].

'Monet Talks', The Guardian, 19 May 2007 [Fenton on the exhibition The Unknown Monet at the Royal Academy].

'Home from Home', The Guardian, 26 May 2007 [Fenton on Jean Prouvé (1901-1984)].

'Venetian Bind', The Guardian, 2 June 2007 [Fenton on Death in Venice].

'Russian Roulette', The Guardian, 9 June 2007 [Fenton on Prokofiev].

'Facing the Music', The Guardian, 16 June 2007 [Fenton on the consequences of Robert King's conviction].

'Picture Perfect', The Guardian, 23 June 2007 [Fenton stops by Christie's to view a Raphael portrait of Lorenzo de' Medici].

'Manors Maketh Man', The Guardian, 30 June 2007 [Fenton on a National Trust treasure -- Waddesdon Manor].

'The Perception of Doors', The Guardian, 7 July 2007 [Fenton on the Gates of Paradise].

'Hot Foot', The Guardian, 14 July 2007 [Fenton discusses Mark Morris].

'Blooming Marvellous', The Guardian, 1 September 2007 [Fenton helps his garden run wild].

'Not with a Bang', The Guardian, 8 September 2007 [Fenton on poets Wilfred Owen, Laurent Tailhade ... and explosive events].

'Reading the Room', The Guardian, 15 September 2007 [Fenton on poetry readings and performances].

'Left Hand Gluck', The Guardian, 22 September 2007 [Fenton shares Berlioz's love for Gluck].

'Hanging On', The Guardian, 29 September 2007 [Fenton on policies for museum sales].

'A Touch of Expertise', The Guardian, 6 October 2007 [Fenton on the V & A's The Making of Sculpture show].

'Keyboard Words', The Guardian, 13 October 2007 [Fenton on the electric harpsichord].

'Wagner's Happy Bears Prowl Again', The Guardian, 20 October 2007 [Fenton on a work by the younger and more bohemian composer].

'Life's Rich Tapestries', The Guardian, 27 October 2007 [Fenton gives old tapestries a new spin].

'Memories of Spain', The Guardian, 3 November 2007 [Fenton on a great little museum in Manhattan -- The Hispanic Society of America].

'Rembrandt Reaches the Web', The Guardian, 10 November 2007 [Fenton on the British Museum quietly launching its comprehensive website of what it calls flat art].

'The Need to Complete', The Guardian, 17 November 2007 [Fenton on need for a complete edition of the works of TS Eliot].

'Fakes and Counterfeits', The Guardian, 24 November 2007 [Fenton on the art of forgery -- and getting away with it].

'A Landscape All of Its Own', The Guardian, 1 December 2007 [Fenton on the roof of Gaudí's masterpiece, La Pedrera].

'Old Master Criminals', The Guardian, 8 December 2007 [Fenton on robber barons in the art market].

'Singing the Songs of Love', The Guardian, 15 December 2007 [Fenton on Spanish ballads].

'A Call to Arms', The Guardian, 22 December 2007 [Fenton on the joy of ancient armour].

'The Structure Beneath', The Guardian, 29 December 2007 [Fenton on the legacy of Piranesi].

'Remember Dorothy', The Guardian, 5 January 2008 [Fenton revisits Dorothy Wordsworth].

'Living a Life', The Guardian, 12 January 2008 [Fenton on the Ashcan artists].

'Bard Times', The Guardian, 19 January 2008 [Fenton on AL Rowse].

'Portrait of a Lady', The Guardian, 26 January 2008 [Fenton on the true Mona Lisa].

'Notes on a Theme', The Guardian, 2 February 2008 [Fenton on improvisation].

'Flora International', The Guardian, 9 February 2008 [Fenton on the origins of the flower trade].

'Object of Desire', The Guardian, 16 February 2008 [Fenton on the lure of Saint Sebastian].

'Look Back in Wonder', The Guardian, 23 February 2008 [Fenton admires neoclassical sculpture].

'Consuming Passions', The Guardian, 1 March 2008 [Fenton on differing views of Bach's Passions].

'Private View', The Guardian, 8 March 2008 [Fenton explores the origin of the world at the Met in New York].

'Restoration and Removal', The Guardian, 15 March 2008 [Fenton on moving rooms around the world].

'Purloined Pictures', The Guardian, 29 March 2008 [Fenton on the Nazi leaders' love of Cranach].

'Come into the Garden', The Guardian, 5 April 2008 [Fenton on the unique exotic garden at Tresco].

'Faust Lost in Translation?', The Guardian, 12 April 2008 [Fenton on Coleridge's lost version of Goethe's classic drama].

'Basement Treasures', The Guardian, 19 April 2008 [Fenton on basement treasures].

'Past Notes', The Guardian, 26 April 2008 [Fenton on changing fortunes in Handel operas].

'Making Tradition', The Guardian, 3 May 2008 [Fenton on the creation of canons].

'All at Sea', The Guardian, 10 May 2008. [Fenton on a seaman's secret diary].

'Taste Acquired', The Guardian, 17 May 2008 [Fenton on the style of Thomas Hope].

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